This Is China!Creative Videos Vividly Depict Country's Image, Become Popular Overseas
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A music video made by a Chinese band, composed of four members, all of whom were born in the 1990s, recently became popular on the Internet. The video, entitled "This is China," contained English lyrics, and it was rapped by the young Chinese who reviewed China's achievements — and its social problems. The video gave domestic and international viewers a real, and fresh, image of China. In recent years, such videos, which have helped introduce China, and its culture and trends, to the world, have caught people's attention — around the world.

"This is China" was posted on the public WeChat account of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China in late June. Within a few months, the four-minute music video had attracted millions of viewers, from home and abroad, and it had become the subject of international media reports. Even the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and TIME magazine have reported on the video.

The video was made by Tianfushibian (Sichuan Incident), a band from southwestern China's Sichuan Province. The band's members rapped the lyrics, which were written to present an image of China based mainly on facts rather than on speculation or prejudice. For example, the lyrics state: "First things first, we all know that China is a developing country." The lyrics dealt with various issues, such as pollution and food safety. The lyrics also addressed the big changes that have taken place in China, such as "We now use apps to pay in nearly all situations." The video was full of Chinese cultural elements, such as lovely pandas, Sichuan Opera and a dramatic art form known as bianlian (face changing). 

"I never thought the video would be such a hit," Li Yijie, who wrote the song, said during a recent interview with Xinhua News Agency. What motivated the band to make the video? Wang Zixin, the band's leader, said the group hoped that youngsters in other countries, as well as young people in China, would better understand the real situation in China after they watched the video. Li, a student who majors in English at Sichuan Normal University, said they wanted to tell the story of "a real, changing China" to the world. 

In recent years, Chinese have used creatively made videos to introduce China, Chinese culture and remarkable events in the country to people around the world. In January 2011, a video that highlighted the color referred to as "China red" was shown on the giant screen at Times Square, in New York, the United States. That video depicted a general image of contemporary China. Two years later, another video, which highlighted Chinese ink-and-wash painting, was also screened at Times Square. That video used the traditional Chinese art form to present Chinese people's longing to fulfill their dreams and the rejuvenation of their nation.

One of the most recently produced videos, which received good feedback from viewers, was the promotional video for the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit. Before the G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit was held in Hangzhou (capital of eastern China's Zhejiang Province) on September 4-5, the State broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV), produced a video, entitled "Like You, Together," to present the best aspects of China to the world.

Through that one-minute video, filmmakers depicted Chinese people's openness and hospitality to guests and friends from around the world. The video contained three chapters — Chinese people's satisfaction with their lives, Chinese people's pride in the country's economic development, and Chinese people's love for the country. 

The video included 40 clips, and those clips showed people, at different ages, and of various occupations, singing the theme song simultaneously. There were senior citizens, young students, scientists, athletes, Yue Opera performers and foreign tourists. Those people formed a big "family" beyond the borders of their home countries. Many of the viewers were impressed by the song's lively rhythm and catchy lyrics. In particular, they were fascinated by the beautiful Chinese landscapes, which were set as the background scenes of the video.



(Executive Editor: SHANE YEE, Women of China English Monthly November 2016 Issue)

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