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The first Escape SPA opened in Beijing's Sanlitun area in 2014. The spa offers various types of massages and facial and body-care services. Now, there are six outlets in five cities in China, including one in Beijing, two in Shanghai, one in Tianjin, one in Guangzhou (in Guangdong Province) and one in Sanya (in Hainan Province).

The spa offers a relaxed, comfortable environment, soft lighting, tranquil music, aromatic fragrance, free delicious drinks and desserts and high-quality, reasonably priced massages and body and facial-care massages.

The spas offer four kinds of massages: Body massages, facials, body-care services and aroma-oil massages. The spa also offers flower baths with milk, wine or mineral salts.

The body massages include: Swedish-style massage, Thai-style massage, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) massage and hot-stone massage (during which heated stones are placed on the client's body). This massage helps to relieve muscle aches, and it helps alleviate body pains. It also brings about an overall sense of relaxation, both physical and mental.

Facials include moisturizing, nourishing, oil-controlling and anti-aging services. The facials not only help soften and tighten the skin, they also help clients maintain good health. Body-care services include exfoliating and covering customers' bodies with petals, wine or honey milk.

Aroma-oil massages include neck and shoulder massage, waist massage, leg massage, arm massage, abdomen massage and breast massage. The specialists use aroma oils during the massages. The oils help to relieve muscular tension and to energize the body. 

The spa offers more than 20 types of high-quality essential oils. They do not use synthetic fragrances or ingredients derived from petroleum.

Fifth Floor, No.2 Building, Taiyue Suites Apartment, 16 Nansanlitun Road, ChaoyangDistrict, Beijing

Third Floor, No. 2 Building, Hilton Hotel, 1116 Hongsong East Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Fourth Floor, Hilton Hotel, 250 Huashan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Fifth Floor, Pan Pacific Hotel, 1 Zhangzizhong Road, Hongqiao District, Tianjin

Ninth Floor, Double Tree Resort by Hilton Hotel, 391 Dongfeng Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

First Floor, Double Tree Resort by Hilton Hotel, Haitang Bay, Sanya

(Executive Editors: WEI XUANYIand ZHANG JIAMIN, Women of China English Monthly January 2017 Issue)

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