Nuomei Haichen Acne and Freckle Treatment Studio诺美海辰国际斑痘世家
Address : Room 3013, First Floor, Unit 3, Building 1, Jinxingyuan Community, Taiyanggong South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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Zhou Xiwen opened Nuomei Haichen Acne and Freckle Treatment Studio in Beijing in 2012. The studio mainly offers medical cosmetology services. The studio has helped many customers solve their skin problems, including treating acne and dermatitis, and removing freckles and scars.

"I have treated acne … for nearly 15 years. At the beginning, I worked in a beauty salon. At that time, I was responsible for all the acne-treatment services of the salon. I studied how to treat acne effectively, based on the causes of acne … I gained much experience of acne treatment in the past 10-plus years. In 2012, I opened my own beauty salon, in the Sanyuanqiao area. Acne treatment is a specialty of my studio," says Zhou.

"There are many factors that result in acne breakouts. Some people have acne in adolescence or during their menstrual period. Some people have acne because they use improper cosmetics or skin-care products. Staying up late, having hormonal drugs and eating greasy food are also reasons for acne breakouts. I use different acne-treatment methods, based on the causes of the acne breakouts. No matter what kind of acne it is, or how bad the condition of the skin is, it takes nearly one month and a half to two months to cure the acne," Zhou says.

Usually, an acne treatment lasts several hours. At first, a technician punctures the acne with a needle, to clean the acne. Then, the technician uses an instrument that generates heat or beams of light to treat the acne. The instrument sterilizes, diminishes inflammation and reduces sebum secretion. At last, the technician applies several kinds of unguents on the customers' faces. At the beginning, customers need to receive acne treatment once every three to seven days. Most of the acne will be removed after five or six treatments.

"Excessive internal heat (a term in traditional Chinese medicine) and weakness of the spleen are major internal factors that cause acne breakouts. So, customers need to adjust their diets when they receive the acne treatments. They cannot eat spicy foods. They should eat less meat, and they should eat more vegetables and coarse grains. They need to drink more water, do more exercises and go to bed early. They must protect their faces from becoming sunburned. As for the skin-care products, I do not suggest my customers use many acne-treatment products. I suggest they use products that moisturize and diminish inflammation," says Zhou.

People from other cities and provinces, including Tianjin and Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces, have received treatments in the studio. The studio has also attracted many foreign customers, who live in Beijing. "Many of my customers could not go out without makeup before they received treatments in my studio. After I helped them solve their skin problems, they became happier and more confident," says Zhou.

Hair removal with IPL (intensepulsed light) is a specialty of the studio. IPL is an advanced and long-term hair-removal method. Beams of specially filtered light are used to disintegrate hair from the root. The growth of new hair is delayed, and a percentage of the hair may not grow back.

Room 3013, First Floor, Unit 3, Building 1, Jinxingyuan Community, Taiyanggong South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing


(Executive Editors: WEI XUANYI, ZHANG PING and LI WENJIE, Women of China English Monthly May 2017 Issue)

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