Image Has Great Value!Woman Creates Chinese-style Jewelry, Helps Improve Images of Women
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Wang Yang established Hera Moment, a jewelry brand, in 2011. At first, Wang only offered custom-made jewelry. Now, Hera Moment is renowned within fashion circles for its high-quality jewelry with Chinese elements.

Wang Yang, formerly an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, resigned her job, in 2007, and moved to Botswana (a country in Africa) with her husband. Botswana has an abundance of diamonds. 

"Every woman in Botswana likes gemstones. Even small girls' eyes glisten with excitement, when they see jewelry. Johannesburg, a city in South Africa, is a jewelry-trading center in Africa. I often flew to Johannesburg, to buy diamonds and colored gemstones for my friends, when I lived in Botswana. So, I knew much about gemstones, and I became acquainted with many gemstone suppliers in Africa," recalls Wang.

She returned to China in 2010. She enrolled in Peking University later that year, and she graduated from the university, with a master's degree in business administration, the next year. She established Hera Moment, a jewelry brand, in August 2011.

"I planned to start a business related to gemstones after I returned to China. So, I established Hera Moment, to offer custom-made jewelry to women. These women had successful careers, and they were sensitive about fashions. They hoped to buy personalized, high-quality jewelry," says Wang.

Chinese Elements

"I was only a seller of jewelry immediately after I established the brand. We imported gemstones from Africa, and other regions … and we customized jewelry according to customers' demands. Over time, I hoped to offer ready-made jewelry with Chinese elements. So, I employed two jewelry designers, who had a good understanding of traditional Chinese culture, in 2014. I hoped to promote Chinese culture through jewelry," recalls Wang.

Since then, she has unveiled several jewelry collections with Chinese elements, including the daisy, plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum (believed to be the four gentlemen in Chinese culture) and the Chinese frog (an ornamental braiding for fastening the front of a traditional Chinese garment). 

Wang's jewelry, especially with the Chinese elements, has caught the attention of foreigners, as the jewelry conform Westerners' appreciation of beauty.

Valuable Image

"No one needs to discover your so-called inner beauty through your slovenly appearance, if you do not pay attention to your image. When I was studying at the university, I wore my hair in a ponytail and I never wore make up. However, I have worn my hair in a bob and I have worn exquisite make up since I began to work. I have had a better understanding of image since I entered the jewelry industry. I feel embarrassed when I see some Chinese women entrepreneurs attend international meetings wearing unsuitable clothes. I think I need to help more Chinese women improve their images," says Wang.

"Now, image is important for everyone. A beautiful image not only pleases others' eyes and minds, but also has great commercial value. I once shot a series of photos named Your Image Values a Million. I hoped to teach women how to improve their images, and to optimize their commercial value, by wearing suitable clothes and jewelry in different occasions," says Wang. "I believe a person who pursues perfection is sure to wear suitable clothes … Some people think it is better to wear comfortable clothes as they like, in any case. However, I think it is not suitable for formal occasions. Many of my customers are middle- and high-level managers in their companies. They often participate in international meetings, seminars or parties. They have high demands for their images."

Fashionable Chinese Style

"We insist on offering high-quality handmade jewelry. Every gemstone is inlaid by a craftsman. It costs more money to make jewelry with high-quality jewelry-manufacturing skills. However, I think it is worth it. Our designers design good-shaped jewelry. The shapes can only be made perfectly with high-quality jewelry-manufacturing skills. Our high-end customers demand exquisite jewelry. So, we need to offer high-quality jewelry to those fashion-conscious women," says Wang. "The high-end brands also offer high-quality jewelry. However, we can catch people's attention because of our special design styles. I hope Hera Moment will become the best brand that offers jewelry with Chinese elements," continues Wang.

"I ask my designers to design jewelry that is able to match various kinds of formal clothes. I hope our jewelry is suitable for elite women, from all sectors in society, so they can participate in various kinds of commercial and social occasions. The brooch is a kind of jewelry welcomed by our customers. A brooch is a magic key for improving one's image. I advise my customers to wear brooches when they attend some occasions that are not suitable for the wearing of other types of jewelry," says Wang.

Wang has expanded her business, from a small, customized jewelry workshop to a high-end jewelry brand, in five years. "I met many problems after I started my own business. However, I had a positive attitude, and I solved the problems … Our high-quality jewelry with Chinese elements attracts many high-end customers. Customers buy our jewelry because they trust me. When they are not satisfied with our jewelry, I help them solve their problems with a sincere attitude. A sincere attitude makes customers buy our jewelry again," Wang says.

(Executive Editor: WEI XUANYI, Women of China English Monthly December 2016 Issue)

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