Uni-grad Determined to Lift Villagers out of Poverty
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Li Congcong (L) [Chinanews.com]


A 25-year-old grassroots village official from north China's Hebei Province has dedicated herself to boosting local farmers' income by developing greenhouses over the past two years.

Li Congcong now serves as assistant to the Party chief in Cuizhai Village in the province's Julu County.

After graduating from university, in October 2015, she passed the provincial recruitment exam to become a village official and was assigned to her current post.

At that time Cuizhai was building some 7 hectares of steel-structure greenhouses. Upon her arrival she took charge of relevant work, promoting land transfer and instructing construction.

After the project was completed, her village put forward a cooperative poverty relief model led by the main local farmers.

Under the model, every 15 low-income households formed a group and signed an agreement with a farmer to initiate the joint construction of a greenhouse.

These households were then given priority for jobs in the management of the greenhouses.

With a fund solicited by Li, in the surrounding area, five kilometers of road were laid, 130 streetlights were set up and an underground channel was built for irrigation and drainage.

"Ever since Li came to our village, she has led us to grow vegetables and fruit, sought investment and invited experts to improve our seed varieties," said a villager surnamed Zhang.

Recently Li has contacted the owners of several WeChat public social media accounts who have agreed to publish information about the village's farm products.

"We'll attract visitors to our farms to let them pick fruit and vegetables on their own. This is more profitable," she concluded.


Li Congcong [Chinanews.com]


(Source: Xingtai Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)



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