Zhang Haidi Releases Manifesto for IPC President
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Chinese writer and head of National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Zhang Haidi attends a press conferenvce. [chinanews.com]


Chinese writer and head of National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Zhang Haidi has published her manifesto for president of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) after being nominated for the top post in June.

Zhang, who is also the chairwoman of China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF), will compete against three other candidates, Canadian Patrick Jarvis, Brazilian Andrew Parsons and John Petersson of Denmark, to succeed Philip Craven as new head of the IPC, according to the committee.

In her manifesto, Zhang said as a women with an impairment, she shares "the hope, fear and pain of my fellow men and women living with this condition", and believes that the integrity and strength she has makes her qualified to "demonstrate outstanding leadership" as the IPC president. She also promised to expand the influence of the Paralympic Games and foster a more inclusive international community once get elected.

The result will be announced after the IPC's governing board elections on September 8 at the IPC General Assembly in Abu Dhabi, UAE. A vice-president and 10 members at large will also be elected during the general assembly.

The IPC governing board will consist of one president, one vice president and 10 members at large and all will be elected by the IPC membership.

A total of 29 nominations for 26 candidates for the 12 positions available within the IPC governing board have been announced by IPC on June 19.

The following is the full script of Zhang Haidi's manifesto:

Why Should I Be Elected?

I am a woman with an impairment. I therefore share the hope, fear and pain of my fellow men and women living with this condition.

I am a leader of a Paralympic Movement. My Chinese team has topped the medal table in gold and overall at four consecutive Paralympic Games.

I have integrity and strength. I believe that the IPC President should be of such quality and should demonstrate outstanding leadership and proven ability to manage financial and human resources.

I have what it takes to lead the IPC.


1. Expand the Influence of the Paralympic Games

I will deliver eye-catching, successful, athlete-centered Paralympic Games: from Pyeongchang 2018 through Tokyo 2020 to Beijing 2022.

I will expand the scope of Paralympic sports and create more opportunities for athletes with an impairment to compete and participate. I will extend the reach of the Paralympic Movement to all corners of the globe and enhance the power and impact of the Paralympic Games so that the Paralympic Games stand proud and tall as equals of the Olympic Games.

2. Strengthen Paralympic Sports Management

I will lead the evolution of competition categories on scientific grounds, champion optimal training and competition conditions for athletes and strengthen scientific research and technical support in the service of the Paralympic Games. I will enhance the use of big data for Paralympic sports, delivering excellence in classification management and outstanding sports events at every level. I will take the Movement to new horizons in effective doping control.

3. Enhance Sustainability of the Paralympic Movement

I will aim in all that I do to embody the values of the Paralympic Movement. I will work to protect and develop the Paralympic brand and expand the reach and influence of the Paralympic culture. I will ensure that the Paralympic legacy is real and lived.

4. Strengthen Paralympic Humanistic Care

I will put special emphasis on the equal participation of female athletes with an impairment. I will endeavour to encourage young people to see the Paralympic movement as an opportunity and an ideal. I will help athletes with an impairment secure access to rehabilitation. I will invest new effort in crafting a role for the Paralympic Movement in improving athletes' lives beyond retirement and will help them to play full and active lives in society.

5. Build a Prosperous Paralympic Family

I will uphold the concepts of peace, equality and cooperation. I will promote unity and the right to speak. I will endeavor to help Paralympic athletes in poverty and war. I will establish funds to offer financial and technical support to help athletes in developing countries to realise their dreams.

6. Welcome Foreign Athletes to China for Training

I will warmly welcome Paralympic athletes from around the world to China's 32 national training centers for Paralympic summer and winter sports and so provide the world's Paralympians with access to China's first class coaching team.

7. Foster More Inclusive International Community

I will promote closer cooperation between the IPC, the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee. With and through the Paralympic Movement, I will seek to build a more inclusive and equal society free of discrimination.

(Source: China Daily)



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